I Write Real Good

I've had some awesome opportunities to write for a few publications outside of my personal writing work on this site.

This was my first article for Codeship, which turned out to be an awesome experience. In it, I dive into the idea of what it means to break down a Monolith into Microservices. A lot of it was based out of some of the cool work in a similar manner that was going on at IZEA. 

After my initial Codeship article, I had the privilege to come back and write again for them. This time I took on the topic of what all is involved in breaking down Monolithic view systems. In short, the article is primer on things you should expected when trying to integrate a front-end framework with an existing application.  I give a bunch of EmberJS examples in this post as well. 

Docker is kind of the hot new development tool on the block, and for good reason. Its really useful for helping developers worry less about the environments and more about their code. I used this article as a chance to explain some ways that we can leverage Docker to historically test our aging applications.

I've been fascinated by Rust for awhile now. So, getting the chance to write about using it with the ORM project - Diesel - was pretty rad. Half of it serves as an introduction to the programming language, while the other half talks about creating Microservices with it.

I was really excited to write this piece because it contains a lot of stuff that's been brewing in my mind lately. There's a huge value to learning to live well with legacy code and I wrote this piece to give some practical ways to approach working with it!