I Write Real Good

I've had some awesome opportunities to write for a few publications outside of my personal writing work on this site.

Quick Thoughts and Meditations of This Place.

Each and every time I come to update this page with the most recent or relevant pieces I've done, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm thankful for the wonderful publications and editors that I'm able to work with. Yet, I'm also grateful for the folks who read and support these blogs.

If you're interested to have me write for you publication, drop me a line! I may not be able to write something for you right away, but I'm certainly open to new opportunities and collaborations!

Starting Lineup

These are things I've written over the past few years that do a pretty good job at showing how I write and work! While I truly am stoked on everything I write on, these pieces have a certain magic that stands out from the rest of my work.

So You're Thinking of Decomposing Your Monolith Into Microservices - Codeship

This was my first article for the folks at Codeship, and it really resonated well with their readership and community. A lot of the inspiration for this piece came from the journey we were experiencing at IZEA in decomposing our Monolith into Microservices. A lot has happened since then, but I'm thankful for the start in writing this piece gave me! 

Decomposing Monolithic View Systems - Codeship

After my debut article for Codeship, I had the chance to write for them again. This time, I followed up the idea of my initial article with how to break apart the view layer of an application and integrate a frontend framework with it. In the article, I used EmberJS as an example. However, my hope is that you can take the fundamentals presented in the article and apply it to React, Vue, Angular, or whatever else you find relevant.

Creating Expedient Microservices in Rust and Diesel - Codeship

I've been really excited about the Rust programming language for quite some time. Even with my academic credentials, its been a weird language to wrap my head around -since its a more low-level language. However, the more I've fought and learned hard lessons with it, the more I've come to understand and appreciate it.

Out of my experience with Rust, I decided to write an article for Codeship on how to create a microservice with it. I truly believe Rust microservices are a great way to introduce Rust into your tech stack, since they can start small and grow as you and your team become more comfortable with the language and all of the features it offers.

Anyways, it was exciting to write about Rust! I'm was really happy with how people responded to the article as well.

Working Well With Legacy Code - Codeship

I was really excited when I got the chance to talk about working well with legacy code. A lot of my articles tend to be more towards the technical how-to or explaining why a concept matters. Working Well With Legacy Code was an opportunity for me to get a bit more abstract and talk about how we approach code in general. It was to emphasize the more abstract parts about software development, and I'm really proud of the insights I was able to write about here!

Publications I Write For

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