Occasionally, I'll find the time to go out and speak about some of the things I program or write.


Railsconf 2018 - Webpacking For The Journey Ahead

Even though a lot of my work has been based in Ember and javascript frameworks that don't really mesh well with Webpack, I found myself really interested in the tool and why the Rails community has a lot of support for it. So, I decided to give a talk about what I found from learning about Webpack and Rails!

EmberConf 2018 - How To Build A Bonfire

At IZEA, we've been using Ember for quite some time. So, I was very excited to get the chance to hang out in Portland and talk about how we've started to hire and train developers in the ways of Ember.

RailsConf 2017 - Architecture The Next Generation

After testing out parts of the talk at various local meetups in 2017, I was given the chance to put together a talk for RailsConf in Phoenix, Arizona. There's a ton to say about the experience of speaking at a major conference, but I'm incredibly proud of my first major conference talk!

Orlando Backend Devs Meetup (November 2017) - Severless Architecture

After taking some time away from speaking, I decided to start putting together a few new ideas for talks. One of those was on Serverless Architecture. I ended up finding a really great venue to deliver the initial version at the Orlando Backend Devs meetup.